Requirements under Section 4(1) (b) of Right to Information Act
1. Organizational Setup
a. Officers and their phone numbers:
Sr.no Name Designation Telephone Numbers
1 Jagbans Singh Director General 0177-2803178
2 Ramawatar Sharma Director (Admin) 0177-2658320
3 Kartikaye Mathur Director (Training-I/Hostel) 0177-2652458
4 Sachin Kapoor Director (IS/Fire Protection) 0177-2807883
5 Rupavardhini B R Director (Training-II/Library) 0177-2658570
b. Functions and Duties:

The Academy primarily caters to the induction training of Indian Audit and Accounts Service Officer Trainees. The other important responsibility is to train in-service IA&AS officers.

The following courses are offered by the Academy:

  1. Induction Training for IA&AS Officer Trainees in two phases. (94 weeks)*
  2. Orientation Training programme for officers promoted to IA&AS from the Group “B” cadre
  • Refresher courses for IA&AS officers in office administration, government accounting and different areas of audit
  1. Specialized courses for IA&AS officers such as Performance Audit
  2. Financial Management and Audit Sensitization courses for officers of other departments of the Government of India

*Relevant details are given under “Training”

2. Distribution of work amongst officers
Director General Director (Training-I & Hostel) Director (Training-II) Director (Administration) Director (IS/FP)
Overall supervision Matters relating to:

·Induction Training of Officer Trainees

·Central Training Advisory Committee

·Regional Training Institutes

·All miscellaneous issues relating to training

·Publication of Academy Calling and Yarrows Dew

·Hostel Management and allotment of hostel rooms

·Co-ordination of sports activities. All other matters relating to Hostel.

Matters relating to:

·In-Service Training courses for IA&AS officers

·Orientation Training Programme

·Management of Office Library


Matters relating to:

·Personnel administration of NAAA including complete cadre management of Group B & C staff, recruitment, deputation and promotions

·Estate Management, control of office budget and procurement of stores and services

·All administrative matters of Officer Trainees

·Implementation of Official Language Policy of Government of India

Matters relating to:

·Planning and maintenance of IT resources in the NAAA

·Disaster Management


3. Procedure followed in decision making process

Every employee is accountable to his/her senior officer in the discharge of his/her functions/duties. The officers of the rank of Director General/Directors are decision making authorities.

4. Norms for the discharge of official functions

The various functions assigned to the Academy are discharged within the stipulated time prescribed for each job/function. The office follows the norms prescribed in departmental manuals in the discharge of its functions/duties.

5. The rules regulations, instructions, manuals and records held by the Academy

The rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and other records to be used by the employees for the discharge of their functions are readily available in the office for perusal of Public. Some of these records are listed below:-

  1. Academy Training Manual
  2. FR&SR (Part-I to V)
  3. General Financial Rules, 2017
  4. Central Civil Service Rules (Pension) Rules, 1972
  5. Central Civil Service (Conduct) Rules, 1964
  6. Central Civil Service (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1965
  7. Central Civil Service (LTC) Rules, 1988
  8. Accounting Rules, 1990
  9. Manual of Standing Orders (Administrative) Volume-II
6. Directory of officers and employees

A directory of officers and employees (Gradation list) of the Academy is prepared every year and can be seen in the office. Such list is however, not to be treated as a seniority list. However, the contact details of the Group “A” officers can be seen at 1(a) above.

7. The monthly remuneration

The monthly remuneration to officers and staff of the Academy is made as per scales of pay granted by the Central Govt. The number of persons in each category along with their designation and scale of pay is given below:

Designation Level Pay Matrix Persons Posted
MTS – (Group ‘C’) Level – 1 18000-56900 49
Canteen Attendant -(Group ‘C’) Level – 1 18000-56900 2
Clerk – (Group ‘C’) Level – 2 19900-63200 4
Staff  Car Driver – (Group ‘C’) Level – 2 19900-63200 3
Staff  Car Driver Grade-II – (Group ‘C’) Level – 4 25500-81100
Staff  Car Driver Grade-I – (Group ‘C’) Level – 5 29200-92300 2
Cook – (Group ‘C’) Level – 2 19900-63200 1
Data Entry Operator – (Group ‘C’ Grade ‘A’) Level – 4 25500-81100 2
Stenographer Grade-II- (Group ‘C’) Level – 4 25500-81100 2
Auditor – (Group ‘C’) Level – 5 29200-92300 3
Receptionist Level – 6 35400-112400 3
Sr.Auditors – (Group ‘B’ Non-Gazatted) Level – 6 35400-112400 4
Sr.Private Secretary – (Group ‘B’ Gazetted) Level – 8 47600-151100 1
Library Assistant-cum-Information Officer (Group ‘B’  Gazetted, Non-Ministerial) Level – 7 44900-142400 1
Assistant Audit Officer – (Group – ‘B’  Gazetted) Level – 8 47600-151100 4
Audit Officer – (Group ‘B’ Gazetted) Level – 9 53100-167800 2
Sr. Audit Officer – (Group ‘B’ Gazetted) Level – 10 56100-177000
Directors – (Group ‘A’ Gazetted) Level – 12 78800-209200 1
Directors – (Group ‘A’ Gazetted) Level – 13 118500-214100 3
Director General – (Group ‘A’ Gazetted) Level – 15 182200-224100 1

Budget and Budgetary control

The information regarding Budget Provision for the year 2016-17 is as below-

Sr. No. Cadre Budget Allotment(In thousands of Rupees)
1. Salaries & TA for Group ‘A’ Officers 10244
2. Salaries & TA for IA&AS Officer Trainees 34420
3. Salaries & TA, Wages, OTA, Professional Service, Medical, IT & Honorarium etc. for Group ‘B’, ‘C’ & ‘MTS’. 49433
4. Office Expenses 14375
Total 108472
9. Information available to or held by the Academy, reduced in electronic form

All information is available in electronic format; either free or for prescribed cost/fee.

10. Facilities available to the citizens for obtaining information

Any information required may be obtained on payment of prescribed fee either in cash or demand draft or banker cheque, payable to the Audit Officer (Admin) or Drawing and Disbursing Officer, National Academy of Audit & Accounts.

11. Public Information Officers
Particulars Name Designation e-mail address Telephone Numbers Address
CPIO Shri Ramawatar Sharma Director(Admin) sharmaramawatar@cag.gov.in 0177-2652458 National Academy of Audit and Accounts
Chaura Maidan, Shimla, HP – 171004
Appellate Authority Shri Jagbans Singh Director General singhJ@cag.gov.in 0177-2803178 -do-