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Advanced Management Development Programme, 25-29 November 2019

Phase-I of Advanced Management Development Programme (AMDP), was conducted for Senior IA & AS Officers with 26-28 years of service from November 25-29 2019. Since the program was for officers, who are part of top management, the focus was on strategic thinking and leadership skills, resolving strategic problems and driving change through the organization.

Audit and Accounts Sensitization for Army Officers, 23-25 October 2019

A three-day training program on ‘Audit and Accounts Sensitization’ for Army Officers was conducted at the Academy from October 23-25, 2019.
The objective of this training programme was to provide the officers with an exposure in areas of Defence Procurement, Capital Acquisition, Delegation of Financial Powers, interface with Controller of Defence Accounts, Structure and types of audit of Defence Services, common audit objections, etc. Fourteen Army Officers (Ten nominated by Western Command and four nominated by ARTRAC Shimla) attended the training program.
The training programme was inaugurated by Shri Jagbans Singh, Director General, NAAA, Shimla. Sessions on following topics were held during the three days:

Structure & Types of Audit of Defence Services and Common Audit Objections;
Important Provisions of Delegation of Financial Powers to Defence Services (DFPDS-2016) and Defence Procurement Manual (DPM-2009);
Introduction to e-Procurement (GeM) and CPPP Portal;
Role of CDA and Checklist for submission of bills to CDA; Bid Evaluation, Benchmarking, Price Negotiation, Contract Formulation, etc. with special reference to important Provisions of Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP-2016)

Keeping in mind the special requirements of this training program, the faculty was brought in from Ministry of Defence, PD(Audit) (Air Force) and CDA.
The participants gave very positive feedback and found the new concepts and ideas gained during this training program, helpful in their functional roles. The overall design and structure of the course was overwhelmingly appreciated by the participants.

Orientation Training Programme, 14-18 October 2019

Being the apex training institute of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India, the National Academy of Audit & Accounts, (NAAA) is entrusted primarily with the mandate of conducting the Induction Training for Officer Trainees of the Indian Audit & Accounts Service (IA&AS). Besides, Induction Training for IA&AS Officer Trainees, the Academy also conducts n-service courses for serving IA&AS officers and the officers of various departments of the Union Government at different levels of their career.
In this series, the NAAA, Shimla, is conducting a 5-day Orientation Training Programme, from October 14-18, 2019, for senior IA&AS officers of 1994 Batch. The objective of this training programme is to expose senior officers to various facets of governance, improving the impact of audit reports, mentoring and empowering staff, among others.

Indo-Kuwait Seminar, September 2019

As per MoU signed between India and Kuwait, Supreme Audit Institutions of India and Kuwait invite each other’s representatives to participate in a bilateral seminar share and upgrade professional knowledge and skill among their members. The 2019 Indo – Kuwait Seminar on ‘Audit of Sustainable Development’ was held at the National Academy of Audit and Accounts, Shimla from September 16-20, 2019.  In the Seminar, four officers each from SAI, India and SAI, Kuwait participated as below:

List of delegates

  1  Ms. Fatima Al Busairi (Head of Kuwait Delegation)

  2  Mr. Sultan Al Otaibi

  3  Ms. Eman Al Khaled

  4  Ms. Soad Al Oulian

  1  Sh. Jagbans Singh (Head of Indian Delegation)

  2  Sh. Deepak Anurag

  3  Sh. Atul Prakash

  4  Sh. Pushkar Kumar


The Seminar commenced on September 17, 2019 at 10.00 am with a welcome address by the Head of Indian Delegation which was followed by opening remarks by the Head of Kuwait Delegation.   Two presentations and papers were presented by each of the delegations which were followed by question & answer sessions.  The Indian delegation presented country papers on ‘Audit of Sustainable Goals’ and ‘A case study on Audit of Ganga Rejuvenation (Namami Gange)’.  The delegation from Kuwait presented country papers on ‘Cooperative Audit on Water Environment Protection’ and ‘Audit of Sustainable Goals’.