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  • Officer Trainees 2019 Batch with C&AG of India

    20 (twenty) newly appointed Indian Audit & Accounts Service (IA&AS) Officer Trainees i.e. 2019 Batch and 02 (two) officers from the Royal Audit Authority (RAA), Bhutan called on Shri Rajiv Mehrishi, the Comptroller & Auditor General of India and Senior Management in Headquarters office on January 22, 2020. Shri Jagbans Singh, Director General and Shri Sachin Kapoor, Course Director from the National Academy of Audit & Accounts (NAAA), Shimla, accompanied the Officer Trainees during the courtesy call. The calling on was very interactive and was a memorable occasion for the Officer Trainees as they got the opportunity to interact with the Head of the Department and other Senior Management at the very beginning of their career.

    COVID-19 Instructions for IA & AS Officer Trainees of 2020 batch

    Dear Officer Trainee,

    1. 1. In view of Covid Pandemic this year, you will have to follow the Covid related guidelines strictly to ensure the safety of your health and that of others.

    2. 2. You may plan your travel to reach the Academy on December 19 or 20, 2020. You must reach the Academy latest by the evening of December 20, 2020. Please bring good quality masks and a sanitizer bottle. Although we welcome parents to accompany the Officer Trainees’ to the Academy at Shimla, however, this year due to the ongoing pandemic, we expect you to arrive alone, as the Academy will provide accommodation to you alone.

    3. 3. All the Officer Trainees except those coming directly from LBSNAA, are required to bring Covid-19 test (RT-PCR) report taken not before 96 hours. Only Officer Trainees with negative test report would be allowed to join the training.

    4. 4. All Officer Trainees will be quarantined for three days after their arrival to the Academy in single occupancy room and RT-PCR test will be done on the fourth day of quarantine.

    5. 5. If you are tested negative, you will be shifted to shared rooms. In case you are found Covid positive, you will be kept under quarantine for treatment and management as per the Covid protocol.

    6. 6. If you are found Covid negative but you still have symptoms similar to Covid, like fever, cough, etc., then you will continue in quarantine for seven days and will be re-tested for Covid after seven days.

    7. 7. If during the course, you develop any Covid like symptoms such as fever, cough, etc., you shall inform the Academy authorities immediately and shall not mix with other Officer Trainees.

    8. 8. In case you have persistent illness, which causes symptoms similar to the Covid, please bring medical records for the same.

    9. 9. During the quarantine period, meals would be served in rooms. You are expected to take care of cleanliness of your rooms yourselves. No movement would be allowed outside the respective rooms during quarantine.

    10. 10. If you travel by public transport, pick up facility by Academy vehicle would be available from Bus Stand/ Railway stations/Victory tunnel. Vehicle deputed for pickup of Officer Trainees would be sanitized after each ferry.

    11. 11. Academy bus will be deputed to bring the IA&AS Officer Trainees undergoing Foundation Course training at the LBSNAA, Mussoorrie.

    12. 12. Those writing the CSE-2020 mains would be sanctioned leave for the period January 06-19, 2021. They would be quarantined for seven days after reporting back to the Academy. During the quarantine period, they would attend classes online.

    13. 13. During your stay in the Academy, you will have to strictly follow all the Covid related guidelines and precautions such as maintaining social distancing, handwashing with soap and water, wearing mask properly over nose and mouth while in classrooms and while speaking.

    General Protocol to be observed during stay in the Academy



    • Observe good personal Hygiene.

    • Practice frequent hand washing with soap and water for 20 seconds.

    • If the handwashing is not possible, then sanitise your hands with sanitizer containing 70 % alcohol for 30 seconds.

    • Follow basic respiratory etiquette – cover your mouth while sneezing and coughing. Throw used tissues into closed bins immediately after use.

    • While in classrooms as sufficient social distancing may not be possible, always wear good quality mask properly covering your nose and mouth.

    • Maintain social distancing strictly while taking meals or breakfasts in the Mess/Canteen as you will be without masks.

    • Maintain social distancing strictly while undertaking any type of strenuous physical activity such as PT, Yoga, running, jogging, brisk walking, playing outdoor games etc. as use of masks is not advisable during strenuous physical activity.

    • Please wash or sanitise your keys, pen, and spectacles after coming to your rooms. Please sanitise your mobiles with sanitiser or spirit swab after coming to your rooms.

    • Eat only hot cooked meals/breakfasts after properly washing or sanitising the hands.

    • Don’t come in contact with anyone, if you’re experiencing cough and fever.

    • Don’t touch your mouth, nose and eyes with your fingers/hand. If you want to touch your eyes, years, nose, then first wash your hands with soap and water or sanitise your hands with sanitiser having 70 % alcohol.

    • Don’t touch the objects unnecessarily.

    • Don’t share cups/plates/dishes/glasses among each other.

    • Don’t spit in public.

    • Don’t take out your mask while coughing, speaking, and sneezing.

    • Don’t take out your masks from your nose and mouth while in classrooms and while speaking.

    • Don’t wear the mask while undertaking strenuous physical activity such as running, playing outdoor games, while in gym, Yoga etc but maintain strict social distancing.

    • Don’t gather in your Mess/Canteen at one place as you will be without mask there but observe strict social distancing in such places.

    • Don’t come in contact with outsiders.

    • Don’t visit market/ public places unnecessarily.

    Advanced Management Development Programme, 25-29 November 2019

    Phase-I of Advanced Management Development Programme (AMDP), was conducted for Senior IA & AS Officers with 26-28 years of service from November 25-29 2019. Since the program was for officers, who are part of top management, the focus was on strategic thinking and leadership skills, resolving strategic problems and driving change through the organization.

    Orientation Training Programme, 14-18 October 2019

    Being the apex training institute of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India, the National Academy of Audit & Accounts, (NAAA) is entrusted primarily with the mandate of conducting the Induction Training for Officer Trainees of the Indian Audit & Accounts Service (IA&AS). Besides, Induction Training for IA&AS Officer Trainees, the Academy also conducts n-service courses for serving IA&AS officers and the officers of various departments of the Union Government at different levels of their career.
    In this series, the NAAA, Shimla, is conducting a 5-day Orientation Training Programme, from October 14-18, 2019, for senior IA&AS officers of 1994 Batch. The objective of this training programme is to expose senior officers to various facets of governance, improving the impact of audit reports, mentoring and empowering staff, among others.