From the DG’s Desk

National Academy of Audit & Accounts, the apex training institute of the Indian Audit and Accounts Department, has trained over 60 batches of IA&AS probationers since 1950. The Academy has produced consummate professionals in the field of public finance in general and public audit in particular, with a clear focus on the motto – लोक हितार्थ सत्यनिष्ठा (commitment to truth for public good). These officers have brought laurels for the Indian Audit and Accounts Department through their work, both in the national and international jurisdictions, and have established the Indian Audit and Accounts Department as a catalyst in good governance. Life at the Academy is one of continuous learning. We are continuously engaged in constant improvement in our methodologies and practices so as to bring the best out of our Officer Trainees. Successive batches of IA&AS officers have contributed in building the great legacy of the Supreme Audit Institution of India and became a part of it. I am confident that the incoming officers would follow suit.

Mr. Sunil S Dadhe
Director General

National Academy of Audit & Accounts

National Academy of Audit and Accounts (NAAA) is the apex training institute of the Indian Audit & Accounts Department (IA&AD). The NAAA imparts induction training to the Indian Audit & Accounts Service (IA&AS) officers recruited through the Civil Services Examination. It has trained hundreds of IA&AS officers over the years, with the objective of moulding them into highly professional and competent officers.
The NAAA thus plays a vital nurturing role in helping the IA&AD discharge its constitutional mandate, under the guidance of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India. The institute also conducts Continuing Professional Education Programmes (Executive Education) for Serving Officers. .