Performance of all the Officer Trainees is under constant review. Overall conduct, participation in classes, discussions, sports and cultural activities, performance in various assignments, internal and departmental examinations and social behaviour are all taken into consideration in making the assessment. To organize their extra-curricular activities in a systematic manner, following Committees from among the Officer Trainees are constituted to coordinate the various activities during their training at the Academy:

• Literary Committee

• Outdoor /Trekking Committee

• Photography/ & Movie Committee

• Sports Committee

• Cultural Committee

• Mess Committee

• Committee for Community outreach

• Ginger Group

The Office Bearers are selected by the Officer Trainees from amongst themselves.

For Example:

Sports Committee: The Academy boasts of varied sporting facilities: from vigorous sports like tennis and squash, to other sports like table tennis, billiards, snooker, carrom, chess, etc. The Sports Committee of the Batch maintains and manages these facilities, as well as gymnasium in the Academy, during their stay here. The members of the Committee are also responsible for hosting the Annual Sports Meet, 'Saamna', between the previous Batch and current Batch, in the third quarter of the year when the senior batch returns to the Academy for their Phase-II training. Cricket and football matches between the Officers and the staff of the Academy, between the previous and current Batches, and between the members of the Academy and the members of the Offices of the Pr. AG (Audit) and A.G. (A&E), H.P., Shimla are also hosted by this Committee