From the DG’s Desk

National Academy of Audit & Accounts, a premier training institute of Indian Audit and Accounts Department (IA&AD), has trained over 60 batches of IA&AS probationers since 1950. Through its training, the Academy has created audit professionals par excellence with a clear focus on the motto – लोक हितार्थ सत्यनिष्ठा (commitment to truth for public good). These professionals have been producing informative, insightful and constructive audit reports that have utmost credibility. Through their work, they have established IA&AD as a catalyst in good governance of the country.

Life is a journey into endless learning and we at the Academy never cease to learn. We are engaged in continuous improvement in our methodologies and practices so as to bring out the best of IA&AS probationers. Aware of the great legacy of IA&AD, successive batches of IA&AS officers have contributed their bit to this legacy and became a part of it. I am confident that the incoming officers would follow the suit.

Y. N. Thakare
Director General